Tree Removal

It is sometimes, although not always necessary, to remove a tree.  A tree may be dying, dead, dangerous, a nuisance blocking light in a residential garden or it could be on a site and need removing to make space for new builds.  Aspect Tree Management can help!

There are a couple of ways to remove a tree dependant on several things, the most paramount of these being its position and health.

Occasionally trees are felled however, in most cases trees are dismantled.

For your convenience, we remove all timber from site excluding timber with a diameter of 250mm (10” or less) which will be chipped on site and removed unless otherwise specified by yourself.

After the tree has been removed the remaining tree stump will be left just above ground level, unless otherwise specified.  Aspect Forestry also have a machine called a Stump Grinder, which basically grinds out the tree stump to just below ground level leaving all chippings/mulch in situ.  You are then able, within reason, to re-utilise the area where the tree once stood.

If you do wish to have the tree stump removed, please do not hesitate to give us a call in order that we can discuss your individual requirements.