Knotweed Removal

We are experts in the removal of Knotweed in a safe and controlled manner. If you are unsure whether you should be rid of it,  read below.  We also offer certification should it be required by mortgage lenders.

Things You Need to Know!

And at its most prolific it can grow up to 20cm EVERY DAY.

It can even grow through concrete and tarmac and its roots can go down up to 3m deep.

There are no natural predators either meaning the weed can grow unabated, swamping other plants and preventing them from getting any light.

And while it does not produce seeds it can grow from minuscule fragments of rhizomes – the underground network of stems and roots – meaning it spreads easily.

According to price comparison site , mortgage lenders have been known to refuse mortgages on buildings that are affected by Japanese knotweed.

If it’s spotted on a property survey, then a lender is likely to insist on hiring a professional to handle the problem before granting a loan.

Confused say that most building insurance policies don’t cover damage caused by Japanese knotweed and that you are obliged to do everything you can to prevent any damage to your home.

Homeowners affected by Japanese knotweed are also likely see a considerable drop in value of the house because of the potential damage it can cause.

You could also be sued if it spreads to your neighbour’s land so it’s worth checking your garden now and again to see if you’ve got it.